Phone Help Pages

Broken your phones screen? Phone won't charge? Dropped it down the toilet? Cat has eaten it!

We are here to help. We are building up a library of tips and useful information on diagnosing faults with your phone, phone repair instructions and general useful stuff to help you keep your phone fully functioning for longer.

All to often phones are discarded for what are easily fixable issues, yet with the right information, parts and guidance people can be empowered to carry out a repair, prolonging the life of the phone, preventing waste and saving themselves money. Surely that's a good thing to do!

HELP! If you have instructional guides or videos on how to repair or maintain a mobile phonet, and want to share it to help others out, then get in contact. Or even if it's a combine harvester, blender or space shuttle send it over as we would love to have your help. If we don't have the guide, spare part or tool for the repair you are conducting then please get in contact and we will do our best to find what you need.