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Want to sell spare parts online? Then here are 6 reasons to partner with BuyAnyPart.

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1. Dedicated Spare Parts Platform

If you already sell spares, parts and components and want another venue for selling your products, become a seller on BuyAnyPart. We are the only online marketplace specialising in the sale of spares and parts for everything for Agriculture and Plant machines as well as Trucks . We aim to be the worlds largest online marketplace for spares, parts, components and repair information.

2. It's Simple

Selling on BuyAnyPart is a simple process. If you have good old fashioned clean data with images, part numbers, product names, descriptions we will do the rest.

3. Commission Structure and Payments

We will take a commission on the sale including delivery and VAT of any spare, part or component sold through BuyAnyPart.

Our commission is 10% we don't charge any ongoing listing fee .

You, the seller, will bear the cost of the credit or debit card charge (typically 1-3%).

If there is a return and subsequent refund, all costs including commission will be refunded back to you.

We use Stripe as a payment gateway and your account is funded at the point of sale.

4. Exclusivity

We don't believe in ever more price competition for our sellers. Our customers want to know we have conducted the governance on their target part: Is it the right part, quality, price and will it be delivered. If you sell on our site in You get to be the only seller of your parts, by grade of part, on our site. We will not list a competing line of parts or components to yours.

5. We do the marketing

We understand digital marketing and SEO, and know how to get buyers to the site.

6. Be part of a community

You will become part of a community of buyers and sellers, where the success of one only leads to the greater success of the collective.

So Are you ready to come on board?

If you are looking for a fairer way to sell online then contact us about joining the BuyAnyPart team.

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