Washer for Ford New Holland

Part Number: S.108002  -  Categories: Power Transmission


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Part Number: S.108002

Grade: Replacement

Part Details


Technical Information

Brand Sparex
Tariff Code 8433900000


Ford New Holland
4030 (30 Series), 4230 (30 Series), 4430 (30 Series), 4635 (35 Series ), 4835 (35 Series ), 5635 (35 Series ), 6635 (35 Series ), 7635 (35 Series ), T4.105, T4.115, T4.75, T4.85, T4.95, T5.100 - ELECTRO COMMAND, T5.105, T5.105 - DUAL COMMAND, T5.105 - ELECTRO COMMAND, T5.105 - POWER SHUTTLE, T5.110 - ELECTRO COMMAND, T5.115, T5.115 - DUAL COMMAND, T5.115 - ELECTRO COMMAND, T5.115 - POWER SHUTTLE, T5.120 - ELECTRO COMMAND, T5.75 - DUAL COMMAND, T5.75 - MECHANICAL, T5.75 - POWER SHUTTLE, T5.85 - DUAL COMMAND, T5.85 - MECHANICAL, T5.85 - POWER SHUTTLE, T5.95, T5.95 - DUAL COMMAND, T5.95 - ELECTRO COMMAND, T5.95 - MECHANICAL, T5.95 - POWER SHUTTLE, T5030 (T5000 Series), T5040 (T5000 Series), T5050 (T5000 Series), T5060 (T5000 Series), T5070 (T5000 Series), TD4.100F, TD4.70F, TD4.80F, TD4.90F, TD4020F, TD4030F, TD4040F, TD5.100, TD5.105, TD5.110, TD5.115, TD5.65, TD5.75, TD5.80, TD5.85, TD5.90, TD5.95, TD5010, TD5020, TD5030, TD5040, TD5050, TD55D, TD60 (TD Series), TD60D, TD65B, TD65D, TD65F, TD70 (TD Series), TD70D, TD75D, TD75F, TD80 (TD Series), TD80D, TD85D, TD85F, TD90 (TD Series), TD90D, TD95 (TD Series), TD95D, TD95D HC PLUS, TK100A, TK4.100, TK4.100F, TK4.100M, TK4.100N, TK4.100V, TK4.110, TK4.110M, TK4.80F, TK4.80N, TK4.80V, TK4.90, TK4.90F, TK4.90M, TK4.90N, TK4.90V, TK4020F, TK4020V, TK4030 (TK Series - Crawlers), TK4030F, TK4030V, TK4040, TK4040M, TK4050, TK4050M, TK4060, TK65, TK65F, TK65V, TK70, TK70FA, TK70VA, TK75F, TK75FA, TK75M, TK75MA, TK75V, TK75VA, TK76 (TK Series - Crawlers), TK76M, TK80, TK80A, TK80MA, TK85 (TK Series - Crawlers), TK85M, TK90, TK90A, TK90MA, TK95, TK95M, TL100 (TL Series), TL100A, TL60 (TL Series), TL65 (TL Series), TL70 (TL Series), TL70A, TL75 (TL Series), TL80 (TL Series), TL80A, TL85 (TL Series), TL90 (TL Series), W. CL.1.5 FRONT AXLE

Manufacturer Part Numbers

Case IH
Ford New Holland
5109656, K5109656

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