V Belt - A Section - Belt No. A73 Allis Chalmers, Bearings Reference, Belt References

Part Number: S.18755  -  Categories: Engine Fuel and Filters


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Part Number: S.18755

Grade: Replacement

Part Details

V Belt - A Section - Belt No. A73

Technical Information

Belt No. A73
Brand Sparex (Agribelt)
Datum length LD mm 1884
Depth ins 5/16
Depth mm 8
Effective Length ins 74
Effective Length mm 1884
Inside length Li ins 73
Inside length Li mm 1854
Outside length La ins 75
Outside length La mm 1904
Pitch Length Lp Lw mm 1884
Related Products 14683
Section A
Tariff Code 4010390010
Top Width x Depth 13 x 8mm (1/2'' x 5/16'')
Type Standard V Belt (Smooth)
Width ins 1/2
Width mm 13

Manufacturer Part Numbers

Allis Chalmers
Bearings Reference
Belt References

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