Part Number: 1296  -  Categories: Renault Filters, Renault

Part Details

Renault Fuel Filter - Element
Overall Height: 72mm, Outer �: 84mm, Inside Diameter End 1: 19mm, Inside Diameter End 2: 17mm.

103-12RE, 103-12RS, 103-12TS, 103-12TX, 103-52TA, 103-52TE, 103-52TS, 103-52TX, 106-14RE, 106-14RE, 106-14RS, 106-14RS, 106-14SP, 106-14SP, 106-54TE, 106-54TE, 106-54TL, 106-54TL, 106-54TS, 106-54TS, 106-54TX, 106-54TX, 110-14RE, 110-14RE, 110-14TA, 110-14TA, 110-14TE, 110-14TE, 110-14TS, 110-14TS, 110-14TX, 110-14TX, 110-54TA, 110-54TA, 110-54TE, 110-54TE, 110-54TS, 110-54TS, 110-54TX, 110-54TX, 110-54TZ, 110-54TZ, 113-12RE, 113-12RE, 113-12TS, 113-12TS, 113-12TX, 113-12TX, 113-14RE, 113-14TS, 120-14RE, 120-14TA, 120-14TE, 120-14TS, 120-14TX, 120-14TZ, 120-54TA, 120-54TE, 120-54TS, 120-54TX, 120-54TZ, 133-12TS, 133-12TX, 133-14RE, 133-14TA, 133-14TE, 133-14TS, 133-14TX, 133-14TZ, 133-54TA, 133-54TE, 133-54TS, 133-54TX, 133-54TZ, 145-14RE, 145-14TA, 145-14TE, 145-14TX, 145-14TZ, 145-54TA, 145-54TE, 145-54TX, 145-54TZ, 155-54TA, 155-54TE, 155-54TX, 155-54TZ, 42-70V, 44-70F, 58-12LS, 58-32MA, 58-32ME, 58-32MS, 58-32MX, 58-34MA, 58-34ME, 58-34MS, 58-34MX, 600M, 600MI, 61-12RA, 61-12RS, 61-14RA, 61-14RS, 65-12LS, 65-14LS, 65-32MA, 65-32ME, 65-32MS, 65-32MX, 65-34MA, 65-34ME, 65-34MX, 650MI, 68-12RA, 68-12RS, 68-14RA, 68-14RS, 70-12SP, 70-14SP, 70-32PA, 70-32PE, 70-32PS, 70-32PX, 70-34PA, 70-34PE, 70-34PS, 70-34PX, 700H, 700M, 704H, 704M, 720H, 720M, 724H, 724M, 75-12LS, 75-12MA, 75-12ME, 75-12MS, 75-12MX, 75-14LS, 75-14RA, 75-14RS, 75-32MA, 75-32ME, 75-32MS, 75-32MX, 75-32TX, 75-34MA, 75-34ME, 75-34MS, 75-34MX, 75-34TX, 750MI, 754MI, 77-12TS, 77-14TS, 80-12SP, 80-12TX, 80-14SP, 80-14TX, 80-32PA, 80-32PE, 80-32PS, 80-32PX, 80-34PA, 80-34PE, 80-34PS, 80-34PX, 800MI, 804MI, 85-12LS, 85-12TS, 85-12TX, 85-14LS, 85-14TS, 85-14TX, 85-32MA, 85-32ME, 85-32MS, 85-32MX, 85-32TX, 85-34MA, 85-34ME, 85-34MS, 85-34MX, 85-34TX, 850MI, 854MI, 90-32MA, 90-32ME, 90-32MS, 90-32MX, 90-32TX, 90-34MA, 90-34ME, 90-34MS, 90-34MX, 90-34TX, 900MIH, 904MIH, 95-12RE, 95-12RS, 95-12TS, 95-14RE, 95-14RS, 95-14TS, 95-14TX, 950MI, 954MI, Ceres 65, Ceres 70, Ceres 70X, Ceres 75, Ceres 75X, Ceres 85X, Ceres 95, Ceres 95X, R1451-4, R301, R32-50EV, R32-50SV, R32-50V, R32-60F, R32-60V, R34-60V, R351M, R361, R421, R421M, R456, R460, R460S, R461, R461M, R461S, R462, R466S, R480S, R486, R489, R490S, R496, R498, R50, R501-4, R50S, R51, R521S, R53, R55, R551, R551-4, R551-4S, R551S, R556, R556S, R56, R60, R601-4, R60S, R651, R651-4, R651-4S, R651S, R652, R656, R656S, R681, R681-4, R681-4S, R681S, R70, R701-4F, R751, R751-4, R751-4S, R751S, R752, R752-4, R781, R781-4, R781-4S, R781S, R782, R782-4, R80, R80S, R82, R851, R851-4, R851S, R86, R89, R891, R891-4, R891-4S, R891S, R90S, R91, R92, R94, R951, R951-4, R952, R96, R98, R981, R981-4, R981-4S