Types of Tractor Tyre

In this video by AskTractorMike, Mike explains the 3 main types of tractor tyres. If you are a first time tractor buyer then learning what are the tyre options, and which tyre best meets your requirements, is an important decision to be made. The 3 main classifications are R1, R3 and R4, which designate the tyre construction, size and type of tyre thread.

R1 Agri Traction

This is the typical agricultural thread. It is designed to be used in open fields and provides traction in muddy conditions, it is also the narrowest of the 3 types. There is further designation with the R1 for the depth of the lugs. The muddier the conditions you expect the deeper the lugs you will need. The R1 tractor tyre is also "self cleaning", the distance between the lugs means that mud is less likely to collect and stay there.

R3 Turf

R3 tyres are typically used on turf, they are wide and have shallow depth of tread, combined this provides a large contact surface area. They are designed to be gentle on grass turf. R3 tractor tyres are commonly used on golf courses and tractors used for mowing grass. Due to the design of a R3 tyre they arent great in muddy or snowy conditions.

The specific design of a R3 tractor tyre means that they are niche and don't hold their value well.

R4 All-Purpose

This is a go between on the R1 and R3, more of a generalist tyre. Large, shallow, closely spaced tread provides traction but has a relatively wide surface area so gentle on lawn. The R4 tractor tyre also has a heavier wall than the R1 or R3, meaning it can take heavier loads.