Tips on Preparing Tractor for Winter

If you intend to leave your tractor sat for long periods over winter then AskTractorMike has put together this video with some great tips on how to prepare your tractor for winter. Carrying out these simple tips could save you from a tractor failure later on.

Give Your Tractor A Good Clean.

  • Check tractors radiator and ensure it isn't clogged up with dirt or grass debris. Using water or compressed air are both useful ways to help you clean the dirt out. Make sure any electrics are well covered if you choose to use water.

    Check the coolant has sufficient antifreeze.

Give the rest of the tractor a good clean, pressure washers are good for this.

Tractor Fuel

It is good practise, when your tractor will be left standing for long periods, to ensure the fuel tank is full. This feels counter intuitive, but the more fuel you have in the tank the less surface area there is for water to be formed through condensation.

Use a diesel additive to help prevent the diesel from solidifying in the event of cold weather.

Seat If you will be storing your tractor outdoors you may want to consider covering the seat to prevent it from water damage.

Rats and Mice Yep you read it right! But your tractor would make a nice winter house for rats and mice, especially if stored outside. They can make a nest within the workings of the tractor and can even chew through wiring. Better to prevent this from happening then having to clear up the mess in the spring.

Tractor Loader Bucket Leave your tractor loader bucket in a position that stops water from collecting in it. This helps prevent rust.

Tractor Battery Try not to allow your tractors battery from becoming discharged during the winter. Easy way to do this is to keep the batter yon a trickle charge. Also helps prevents your tractor from being stolen! Not being able to start it will put thieves off!