Trick for Aligning PTO Shaft On a Tractor

This is a great video guide providing you with a "why didn't I think of that" tip for helping you with aligning your tractor's PTO shaft with the attachment.

It can be difficult to hook up an attachment's power take-off (PTO) shaft with that of the tractors, especially when the actual attachment gets in the way. The splines on the 2 PTO shafts have to be aligned, which is simpler said than done.

The tip is simply to use a paint pen to draw on the position of the splines on both shafts, which makes it immediately obvious where they are when getting it in position.

Simple right!

Some other uses also shown for a paint pen, which will probably become your new favourite tool after watching this.

This guide has kindly been provided by Tractor Mike, he has many other fantastic videos on his YouTube channel.

Thanks to Mike for allowing us to use this.

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