Tractor Fuel Issues

Poor quality fuel can cause major issues for you and your tractor.

This video guide by AskTractorMike provides some tractor diesel fuel treatment tips.

Cold Weather - below a certain temperature (-8°c) tractor diesel fuel becomes solid and no longer flows by gravity and can't be pumped. If this occurs you have to warm it back up again, which is very difficult and time consuming to do. OK, -8°c isn't that common in the UK, but it does happen and more likely in the countryside. So prevention is better than cure.

Old Fuel - tractors spend a lot of time sat around, especially during the winter months. Fuel that is sat for long periods can become unusable and cause issues for your tractors fuel system. Using a fuel stabiliser can prevent this.

Fuel Tank Level - counter to what you would think, having a full tractor fuel tank before you store your tractor for winter is a good thing. With a fuller tank there is less surface area available for condensation of water vapour, and water in your fuel is not good!

Mike talks about 1 brand of fuel additive, make sure you follow the guidelines appropriate to the one you buy.

Thanks Mike for allowing us to post your videos.

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