PTO Shaft Tips

If you struggle to get your tractor's attachment hooked-up to the tractors PTO shaft then this is a great video to watch.

AskTractorMike goes over how the PTO shaft release mechanism works and some handy tips to make it easier to hook up to your tractors PTO shaft.

On your tractors PTO shaft you will see a groove, on the attachment end you will have a set of ball-bearings or a bar, which are released by a mechanism. When attached the bar/ball-bearings fit into this groove and fix it in place.

There are several designs out there for the PTO bar/ball-bearing mechanism, Mike covers 3 of the main ones.

If you are finding it difficult to get your attachment PTO to go on the tractors PTO then a common cause is that the the bar/ball-bearings, or the mechanism for releasing them, has become frozen. Rust is a common culprit, especially if the attachment has been sat for a prolonged period of time.

If the mechanism is frozen in place then it can be freed up by using some penetrating oil, such as WD40, and working the PTO mechanism until it becomes free.

Also worth checking how your PTO release mechanism works and make sure you are using it right!


Mike doesn't mention it but as always prevention is better than cure. Make sure you keep both ends of the PTO shaft well lubricated, especially if it is going to be sat for some time.

Thanks Mike for letting us post your video.

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