Why To Check A Tractors Fuel Bowl

Your tractors fuel and injection system don't like debris or water in the fuel! These can cause expensive tractor failures and helping to prevent them should be a routine part of your tractor daily checks.

AskTractorMike has produced this great short video, with his buddy Chuck, to show what to look out for and how to clean your tractors sediment bowl. Chuck is an experienced tractor owner, but he too made the mistake of not checking his tractor for debris and water in the fuel system.

Tractors often have a plastic bowl on the fuel system to collect any debris and water that is in the fuel system. This sediment bowl should be checked daily and cleaned out if necessary.

Make sure the fuel system is shut off before you remove the bowl, and to turn it back on once you have cleaned and refitted it (Mike forgot to show turning it back on in his video, but we will let him off!).

We would advise when cleaning out the bowl only to use lint free rags, or better still blow it out with compressed air if you have it.

Thanks to Mike for letting us post his video on our site.

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