3D Printing Keyboard Feet

Great short video by Computer Reviews Technology discussing 3D printing of replacement keyboard feet! The replacement feet are for his Logitech k200 keyboard.

3D printing is such a versatile technology and doesn't have to be limited to the big stuff! A simple little foot on your keyboard, you never think of it, but if it breaks then the difference is highly noticeable.

In the video Adam is using recycle filament, which ties nicely in with the Circular Economy and how we need to be considering repair in a circular way, not only fixing what is broken, but reusing resources in the process.

Great stuff Adam and keep up the good work.

If you need a set of replacement feet for your Logitech Keyboard then you can buy them here

If you are struggling to find a replacement spare part and want to consider 3D printing then please contact us and we can discuss the feasibility