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Machine Tool Parts and Spares

At BuyAnyPart we understand that whatever your job, project or build, your tools need to be completely taken for granted. They are your key for perfecting whatever job you are undertaking. Your lathe or milling machine must function, power tools powered, skilsaws must cut, planes must reduce and smooth and drills need to make holes. Simple right? Not until one stops functioning. That's where we can lend a helping hand.

We list a large selection of spares, parts and components by part number for repairing your tools, keeping your customers happy and your business deadlines on track.

Can’t find the component you need? Contact us or use the on screen chat and we will be happy to help.

Makita Switch T843TB-1 HP2060/61 650543-8


Bosch Switch New 2003 Model - 2607200456


Makita Switch HR2300/26/2611F 650625-6


Bosch Carbon Brush set - 1607014175
Bosch Carbon Brush set - 1607014175
Part Number: 1607014175


Makita Carbon Brush CB-106 RP0900 181410-1


Makita Switch 12463223 BPJ141/181 650579-7


Bosch Brush Plate and Brushes 2605807060


Makita Carbon Brush CB-441 BHS630 194435-6


Makita Switch SGE108CV-1 8406 110V 651265-3


Makita Switch TG933TN-2 5008MB 651189-3


Festool Base Plate for RTS 400 - 493720


Bosch Drive Belt for Planers - 2604736004


Makita Carbon Brush SET CB-430 191971-3


Bosch Roller Lever - 2601321908
Bosch Roller Lever - 2601321908
Part Number: 2600326903


Bosch Drive Belt for Planers - 2604736002


Festool Square Nut M6 - 228566
Festool Square Nut M6 - 228566
Part Number: 228566